Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Take better holiday photos: pro tips

I wrote this piece at work a few weeks ago, and was just thinking, "Why don't I shamelessly promote my stuff anymore?" The answer is because I've been doing some boring assignments recently and obviously not blogging at all. But CMN pieces are always a little bit fun. I'll have another one published in a few weeks probably, but for now, use these tips for your holiday photos.

I couldn't fit all of Marchet Butler's tips into the short article, so a few more (paraphrased) she suggested were:
  • Don't get flustered or upset. No one's going to be smiling if you're yelling at them. She's not above bringing treats for younger subjects to keep the mood positive.
  • Don't be afraid to act a little silly or get a little creative to get everyone looking and smiling at you. 
  • Don't go into the photo shoot with unrealistic expectations of your skills. Not every photo is going to be perfect, but if you get one or two, you're in business! If group photos don't work this year, try individual ones, and then spend 2013 practicing with your camera so you'll be better next year.