Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY shirt

I decided to fancy up a man's undershirt Sunday with some paint. In real life, I probably won't be brave enough to wear it with leggings (would that be brave or tacky? Sometimes I really can't tell), but hopefully it'll still be cute!

Update: My dad says tacky, so that probably means super cute.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Food, food, food

My crowning achievement at work came on Friday when I brought in some pumpkin cookies that everyone went crazy for. I happen to think they were a little overhyped, but I didn't mind being the office hero for the day. It makes me think simultaneously that I should open a bakery and that I should never bake anything again so that I can end on such a high note.

Cakey cookie goodness.

I've also cooked a few other things lately that turned out pretty good, so I'll share those recipes (I'm still debating whether I'll share the pumpkin cookie recipe because I like to feel needed). 

This weekend Will made this tasty barbecue chicken in the crockpot for sandwiches. A while ago, I made a crockpot taco soup that lasted for a week and a half. It'd be so perfect if the weather would ever just cool off.

Last weekend, I made some baked French fries to go with our black bean burgers and they were sooo good. Even good cold, unlike normal French fries.


After (should've used a little more Pam)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rachel's recital

My friend Rachel's senior horn recital is coming up in about a month. So if you like French horns or people who are friends with me, you should consider going. Waco has some fine dining establishments, too (besides the obvious Fat Ho Burgers).

Here's the info on the invitation I designed (yes, I mainly posted this so I could show off my invitation. What of it?).

Monday, September 19, 2011

New office

We moved offices at the beginning of the month from a temporary one to a really nice, professional one. Before, while we waited for the new one to be ready, we were sitting at tables with blank white walls all around and we had to go two floors up to use the kitchen. Now we have a sweet new space with a huge kitchen/eating area, ping-pong table, couches and legit desks. I don't even have to go to the coffee bar in the tunnels where the lady knew my order anymore because we have a nice single-cup coffee maker.

Here's how my professional desk is looking.

It makes me look like an adult, right? The frame just has a little print I whipped up that I thought would be motivating (and slightly cheesy)/look nice.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Latest apartment developments

I have cable and Internet! It's been about 10 weeks without having them in my apartment, so it feels like I actually live here now... even though my cable is so basic that I'm actually watching football right now and there are no boyfriends in sight.

I got a couch a couple weeks ago, and after having to deal annoying customer service people to get one without a rip, I now have an even better version. This is what it looks like in the store:

And this is what it looks like in my place, though it's kind of dark in here.

It's about time my apartment started coming together, right?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fantasy Football

I'm playing fantasy football in a league at work...and maybe Will's helping me a little. I had to do the draft by myself, though, and I think I did okay!

Here's who you need to cheer for this season:
QB: Tom Brady (New England)
Wide receivers: Mike Williams (Tampa Bay) and Jeremy Maclin (Philadelphia)
Running backs: Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville), DeAngelo Williams (Carolina) and Marshawn Lynch (Seattle)
Tight end: Rob Gronkowski (New England)
Kicker: Josh Brown (St. Louis)
Pittsburgh defense

And sometimes you can cheer for my bench, but not this week:
Zach Miller, Josh Freeman, Pierre Garcon, Daniel Thomas and Steve Breaston

Monday, September 5, 2011

Top news

I don't know why I haven't been blogging much lately. Ok, I do. It's Pinterest. I'm seriously so addicted. But hey, I've made a couple things I've found on there (crockpot taco soup, something for the bedroom wall), so it's not a total waste.

Here's what you've missed the past couple of weeks:
We got 3rd place in pub quiz this past week! That's much better than normal. It's because we had a couple extra brains aaand it was a little bit easier than normal. Moving on up.

My parents came to visit this weekend! We took a short trip to Galveston and were nearly blown off the sea wall, and ate a yummy brunch this morning at Le Peep.

We finally moved offices at work and the new one is awesome! I have a real desk now with drawers! And we have a huge kitchen with cafeteria-esque seating and almost enough microwaves. Best of all, the ping pong table is finally on our floor.

Baylor beat TCU! Of course, it was way too stressful to watch, but Will kept me updated and full of anxiety.