Monday, March 14, 2011

Full capacity

Since I last talked about my internship, we've probably had a couple interns leave, but we've had even more join us. So I am now working with:
3 Italians
+ 1 German
+ 1 Chinese girl
+ 1 Egyptian
+ 1 Spaniard
+ 1 Norwegian
+ 1 Indonesian
+ 1 American (Chicagoan, to be exact)
(+ me)
= 11 interns

In one tiny office.

I know this is a terrible photo because of the intense sunlight coming in from the window (yes, we have sun now!), but I think you get the idea. This day, I was sitting in that corner by the window.

You can see everyone better here, but J.J., the American, is out of frame and Nancy, the girl standing, had to move from her makeshift desk to be in the photo. Needless to say, we're pretty cozy.

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