Monday, September 5, 2011

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I don't know why I haven't been blogging much lately. Ok, I do. It's Pinterest. I'm seriously so addicted. But hey, I've made a couple things I've found on there (crockpot taco soup, something for the bedroom wall), so it's not a total waste.

Here's what you've missed the past couple of weeks:
We got 3rd place in pub quiz this past week! That's much better than normal. It's because we had a couple extra brains aaand it was a little bit easier than normal. Moving on up.

My parents came to visit this weekend! We took a short trip to Galveston and were nearly blown off the sea wall, and ate a yummy brunch this morning at Le Peep.

We finally moved offices at work and the new one is awesome! I have a real desk now with drawers! And we have a huge kitchen with cafeteria-esque seating and almost enough microwaves. Best of all, the ping pong table is finally on our floor.

Baylor beat TCU! Of course, it was way too stressful to watch, but Will kept me updated and full of anxiety.

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