Saturday, January 7, 2012

Check out these links (maybe)

This week's a good one for getting my name out there (there being other places besides the normal areas where I'm a hot topic -- you know, my mom's house, the water cooler, your neighborhood psychologist).

My first piece was published on HelloGiggles today! I say first because I have every intention of writing another one or 12, but we all know how lazy I am. If you think fart jokes are incredibly inappropriate, if you're trying to maintain your high opinion of me, or if you don't care to delve into the uncomfortable dynamics of romantic relationships, don't follow this link. If you don't, you're not, and you don't mind, respectively, then make sure to read the hilarious fart stories in the comments.

I also have an article in Houston Magazine this month, which will probably be more universally appreciated. I interviewed LeToya Luckett, an original member of Destiny's Child who now does, well, basically everything under the sun. You'll probably feel like an underachiever, but hey, my name's on it, so go ahead and tell me how great it is. I don't think the article is posted individually yet, but you can flip through the magazine digitally and see it here. It's page 48 in the paper mag so it'll be that or a couple pages later online.


  1. Your article on HelloGiggles was pretty much the voice in my head, only funnier. Can't wait for more!

  2. Just wanted to tell you your blog is amazing and hilarious.

    I also had my first article published on HelloGiggles a few months ago, congrats on yours! I loved it :) Keep writing girl.