Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crazy animal rescuers

I got a cat two weeks ago! His name's Augie and he's a pretty good kitty overall. We'd get along better if he'd use his energy in the morning to make me coffee rather than meow constantly and walk directly underneath my feet, but we're doing pretty well.

I'll post pictures some other time, but my friend sent me this article about the crazy people who work/run animal rescue organizations, and it seemed very fitting with the few experiences I've had. This time around, the most annoying thing was that I wasn't allowed to adopt a kitten (a homeless kitten, mind you) because I have a full-time job. Responsible single adults have to take two kittens or an older cat. The biggest part of me wanted to not adopt from this center just to spite the head cat lady, but the cuddly part of me really liked sweet, quiet Augie (who is not quite as sweet and quiet now as he was then), so whatever. I'm spiting them by writing this blog post (and hoping there wasn't a clause in the paperwork that says they can take back my cat if I bad-talk them).

A few years back, my brother and I went to a Petsmart to get a cat as a gift for my mom. While they did let us take a single kitten, we had to have my mom come in to meet the cat (which I'll admit makes at least a little sense) and go through an interview (which makes less sense). While she was on her way over, this crazy cat rescue lady asked us if our parents were still together. We said yes. She said, "Good; we don't like to adopt out to divorced people." Because single women make terrible cat owners, obviously. My mom also had to promise to never let the cat outside and agree to let the cat people come over for unannounced visits. Neither of those happened.

The stories in the article are even more ridiculous and will probably make you just go to a shelter or breeder for your next pet. Here's hoping my cat lives for a while so I don't have to bother with that situation anytime soon.

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