Sunday, July 31, 2011

5 Things I Learned at Work This Week

1. We're getting smarter with each generation: Or we at least have higher IQs. Each decade, the average IQ goes up about three points. 
2. SAT scores used to qualify you for Mensa: But they don't anymore. Old people have all the luck.
3. The suspended sheep is the Brooks Brothers symbol: Not very interesting but I've always been confused by a few of Will's shirts. I probably should've known already because Brooks Brothers is the oldest U.S. clothier.
4. Feinschmecker is an awesome word: Awesome and German. It means someone with really sophisticated taste in food, which I am not, but I might start being pickier so I can call myself a feinschmecker.
5. Golden barrel cactuses are called "mother-in-law's cushions": That's all.


  1. People from the stupider old generation call them cacti.

  2. Only those who don't follow AP style.