Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

We always have pretty low-key July 4ths consisting mainly of lots of barbecue (this year stayed true to that tradition) and maybe watching fireworks out our windows. I decided to add a cool cake to the mix this weekend, mostly because I saw this cake online and couldn't resist trying it out. It originated on 17 and Baking, and I used the directions from Glorious Treats.

Inconspicuous outside:

Surprise patriotic inside:

I felt bad for my unAmerican brother-in-law, so since Canada Day was Friday, I made him a cake, too.

 And on an un-cake-related note, here's Will and Jonas! Jonas is big and sturdy enough now that Will's not afraid to hold him.


  1. Un-American? It's not like I married a Marxist Obama-lover. He can't even vote.

  2. Non-American? Is that more appropriate?

  3. This is so American! Haha cant imagine another country with such a cake!
    Btw europe loves Obama :)


  4. love the cake!! you did it really well. :) i told some people about my bff who was going to make a neat cake. will have to send them the link.

    went more dress shopping today. way less fun w/o you. sigh.