Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three quick years

It's been three long (but quick!) years today since Will and I started dating (even though I totally made the first move a week or so earlier). Happy anniversary!

A little more than three years ago, but I think this photo's funny.

One fateful night three winters ago. I'm a sucker for that beard.

It's been a sometimes-hard, sometimes-awesome 12 months, and Will's been great through it all. Things he had to put up with this year:
- A 7-hour time difference (then 6 because of different Daylight Savings schedules, then 7 again).
- A heated argument over the right way to eat nachos. We both learned a valuable lesson: there is a middle ground between being left with completely unsavory, cheeseless chips and the embarrassing situation of trying to finish the floppy, soggy ones when they're all you have left.
- Hearing the excuse/double standard for being annoying, "Yeah, but I'm the girl" about once a week.
- Two moves.
- An impressive snot bubble.
- The crazy person I became when job hunting.
- Me never squeezing his toothpaste from the bottom. It's just not necessary.
- Project Runway. Maybe The Bachelorette. Criminal Minds.
- Always having to drain the grease when I brown beef. I've got weak wrists.
Oh, and me. What a patient guy!

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