Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mini chicken pot pies

I stole this recipe from a high school classmate's blog, but her site doesn't seem to be working anymore, so I'll post it so the world can keep enjoying this super easy dinner. And yes, by world I mean the four people who read this. Hello, world!

-1 can cream of chicken soup
-1 large can of canned chicken
-1 can of peas and carrots (or whatever other veggies you want in there)
-6 tablespoons of cream cheese
-2 cans of biscuits

Mix all the ingredients (minus the biscuits). Get someone else to open your cans of biscuits so you don't have to deal with the scary pop. Separate each biscuit in two, spread them out a bit, put a spoonful of ingredients in the center of one. Stick the other on top and seal up the edges good. Then just follow the baking instructions for the biscuits.

This recipe makes a LOT (at least for two people), so be prepared to eat it all week. If you're like me and Will, though, you probably won't mind.

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