Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Say hello to Augie

Here's Augie, the sweetest, cuddliest cat at the rescue center (and the less sweet, slightly less cuddly and much much louder cat at my apartment). He's about 11 months old now and is a blue tabby, according to the vet...'s receptionist. Whatever. She totally knows what she's talking about.

I adopted him about 3.5 weeks ago, and since then he's taken over my apartment, gotten more and more curious each day (just when I think my stuff is safe), and has gotten a little fat because I think I've been feeding him too much (but he's going on a diet!).

Augie and I are starting to get into a groove. I make his poops disappear each night and he wakes me up each morning by meowing. Very thoughtful. I also do lots of other things for him; I'm starting to think our relationship isn't very balanced in the give-and-take kind of way, so I'm going to make him start pitching in while he gets to stay home all day long. No more freeloading.

He and Will are getting along just fine. (See evidence of cuddling above and below.) Except Augie smells worse, which makes Will jealous. I'm confident, though, that Will can up his game.

If anyone wants to come play with him right before bed to tire him out or feed him some Gas X, be my guest!

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