Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday weekend

I am no longer in the desirable 18-24 year old demographic. I've crossed over. I turned 25 Saturday. Commence quarter-life crisis and car-renting shenanigans.

Friday, I got just the right amount of attention from co-workers and then Will bought me cupcakes from Celebrity Cupcakes.

Saturday was nice and low-key; it ended up being one of my best birthdays in a while. And that's saying a lot since I spent my birthday weekend in Paris last year. We had lunch in Hermann Park, and did a crossword (fine, 1/4 a crossword) in Miller Outdoor Theater in awesome weather. Then we watched some kids kill each other (not the ones below).

I've been wanting a maxi dress for a while now, so I bought this dress in navy as a present to myself and wore it to dinner on Saturday night. We went to The Grove in Discovery Green and walked around the park a bit afterward. All in all a great night.
The Grove. Image source

I know some of you have been holding onto my birthday gifts, waiting for the right moment. Well, that moment is now. Send 'em along! 

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