Monday, March 19, 2012

Goodbye, Houston Rodeo!

Every night for the past few weeks, the streets around my apartment have been full of idling buses and people carrying giant stuffed animals. It's been frustrating to get anywhere since the rodeo apparently gives everyone the idea that it's okay to stop in the middle of the road and turn left from right lanes. But it's finally over!

Will and I went after work a week and a half ago and saw Blake Shelton. But we enjoyed the fried foods and rodeo events more. Mutton bustin' is absolutely my favorite spectator sport. We also rode a scary ferris wheel. Someone, not naming any names, was a little scared we were going to fall out. Last week, though, a little girl DID fall out of one of the rides, so I guess it's not that insane.

Fried Oreo (we also tried fried Snickers), probably all stuck in Will's teeth.

It's hard to say how it stacks up against the State Fair. I'd say the State Fair could use a calf scramble and more impressive concerts, and the Rodeo could use more creativity in their fried foods (and more common sense from the people who attend).

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