Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amy's baby shower

My nephew will be coming in less than a month, so on Sunday, we threw my sister, Amy, a baby shower. Well, mostly my mom and Amy's friend, Stephanie, threw the shower. I'm just a great supervisor.

Isn't this cake great? Stephanie made it and all the other desserts.

And my mom made these cute owls to go with the centerpieces. I take credit for the idea, though. I'm the ideas girl.

My sister (and my mom apparently telling a story or scolding someone)

My brother...

Stephanie's husband cutting up the precious cake and Tyler (Amy's husband/baby daddy) getting sick of my paparazzi skills.

Amy and Logan

The soon-to-be parents, Tyler and Amy (with a delicious cheesecake bite)

My mom, Amy and Stephanie


Overall, I think it went well. Now I'm just ready for the baby to get here! I'm sure Amy is, too.

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