Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paris: Eiffel Tower

This past week has been nice and busy. I got home after a looong flight on Thursday, spent some time with my family and came to Houston for some job interviews. Now it's back to DFW to prepare for my (very pregnant) sister's baby shower!

But I do still have some more photos to show you, so here's probably the last bit of Paris. On the Saturday night I was there, Henry and I went to the Eiffel Tower and decided I couldn't go to Paris without going up to the top. That meant waiting in line for about an hour while pushy salesmen tried to sell us tchotchkes. And then another 45 minutes waiting to go up in the elevators.

But I'd say the view was worth it. 

Arc de Triomphe from above

And as we left (about 2 hours after getting in line), we were just in time to see the sparkles one last time.

Afterward we headed to the Moulin Rouge area for a late dinner and crepes. And I got a disgusting blister on the bottom of my foot from my worn-out Converse.

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