Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 summers ago

Almost exactly three years ago, I was really bored and wanted to force myself to write more. So I made a blog and told myself I was going to write something short and fiction-y every day. Of course, I was too lazy to really commit to it and told no one it existed so I couldn't be held accountable. Thus, there are 3 entries.

But lately I've wanted to get back into writing, so I looked it up for some inspiration. And I'm going to post the entries for inspiration, or just to be self-indulgent. Hey, it's my blog and I'll do what I want.

June 4, 2008
"Great to meet you."
"Same here," the lesbian said.
The lesbian had just interviewed me briefly for a job I wouldn't get. I could tell she was a lesbian, even on the phone. She sounded laid back and cool, which are often symptoms of lesbianism. When I met her, she was butch- the kind of butch you only achieve through years of practice. Straight girls can't have that kind of look by accident.
I walked away trying to act as cool as the lesbian was. I couldn't run out like I knew I wouldn't get the job so I casually looked at the books on the way out. I picked one up that had an attractive cover and glanced at the summary on the back.
"Something something something girl's coming-of-age story something something."
I put the book down quickly, embarrassed that I'd been fooled into picking it up. The last things I want to read about are periods and teenage angst.
I finished out the row for coolness' sake and walked out of the store, back into the heat of my wasted summer.

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