Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Driving her dad's truck

Do our feet get bigger with each generation? Because mine are twice that size.

Mimi learned to drive her dad's truck when she was 13 or 14. He'd put her behind the wheel and let her drive loads of strawberries to the market. It was a dirt road with deep ruts so all she had to do was stay in the ruts, kind of like those cars at Six Flags.

Then when she was a little older, her dad let her drive the truck to town with a girl friend. They, being silly girls, took a shortcut through the woods and ran over a sapling tree. It got stuck between the truck and bumper so it couldn't move. Lucky for her, there just happened to be an axe in the back of the pickup so she chopped the sapling down (I would've loved to see that), got the truck loose and went on her way.

A couple months later, one of her brothers got married and took the truck. They got a flat tire and he couldn't figure out what had caused it; there was a strange angled slash in the tire. So she confessed. I probably would've just let the mystery go unsolved.

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