Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boy meets girl

Joe and Libby met at a USO event. For their first date, they met in downtown Little Rock and decided to go to a talkie. Ok, I don't know if they're old enough to call them talkies, but it's more nostalgic and whimsical if I imagine that they did.

 I think it's a little funny that they took this picture themselves. We've obviously gotten better at it over the years.

They had some ice cream, went to the movie and had a great time.

But, unknown to Daddy Joe, Mimi was supposed to meet her dad in the shoe department of a department store at 4 p.m. They got out of the movie after 5, so Mimi decided to take Daddy Joe to meet her father...on their first date....when her dad's probably already mad. He's a brave man, my grandfather.

Luckily, Mimi's dad didn't get mad but had just been very worried. And Daddy Joe must've made a good first impression. He told me, "I guess I did okay since I got a hunting dog named after me!"

Joe, Jr.

They were married in February 1946.

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  1. Bethany, I love these pictures. William's grandparents (my parents) Dorothy and William Heckert married on March 11, 1946.