Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy birthday, Chris

Today is my older brother Chris' 28th birthday. I cannot believe we are getting so old.

Things I learned from my brother:
  • A well-crafted insult earns more respect than a compliment.
  • Having a big head does not make you an evil genius (or even a regular genius).
  • Don't trust anyone when you're watching scary movies/TV shows, when they have access to cicada skins or when they say they want to try a wrestling move on you.
  • Big brothers make excellent scapegoats.
  • Do what Mom says or she'll break your arm. No, really.
Yep, that's a Pound Puppy in his shirt.

    At my sister's wedding. Just a normal day for Chris. (Looks like that Pound Puppy shed on his chest)

    And one with my sister...
    We still have that chair, but it seems to have gotten a lot smaller.

    Happy birthday, Chris. bbpx^5

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