Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snood snood snood

I know it's a little late to add to my Christmas wish list, but I suddenly really want a snood. It's probably mostly due to the name, but it would also help me with the problem I face every time I put on a scarf. I seriously can never decide how I'm supposed to wear it. Two ends hanging down? One over my shoulder? Wound tightly around my neck?

(I'm talking modern tubular scarf snoods and not the old-timey hair-net snoods. Not that I knew what either of them were ten minutes ago.)

Love these:

A couple notes on these two:
a) Why have I never bought anything from Topshop?
and b) Can I pull off orange?

I'd like to see if I'm brave enough to try the hooded snood look, like this Etsy shop photo with the creepy mannequin head.

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