Thursday, January 20, 2011

My internship

I've been at my internship more than a full week now, so I guess it's about time I blog about it. Especially since that's the whole reason I'm here (well, that and to be able to brag about my European adventures when I get home). So here's what I do all day:

I look at rainbows over the Peace Palace from my desk.

OK, that's not actually part of the job description, but this is the view from my desk, and there was a rainbow for about 5 minutes yesterday over that Peace Palace clock tower. Not a bad place to spend my days.

What I actually do basically amounts to PR work for a small nonprofit, Spanda Foundation. It's involved in ethnomusicology, interfaith relationships, solar energy, microfinance; it's got its finger in a lot of pies. Besides the boss/founder, only interns and volunteers work there and they're from all over. We've got 3 Italians (in addition to the Italian boss, and I don't mean that in a mafia sort of way), an Australian, a German, a girl from China, a guy from Finland, a girl from Egypt and an American (that's me!). So I'm learning a lot about other cultures. Just not the Dutch culture, necessarily.

And here's my shameless plug: I update Facebook and Twitter for the foundation, and I actually link to some really interesting things (if I do say so myself), so like the page or follow us so I can feel like I'm doing a good job.

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