Monday, January 10, 2011

Where I'm living

I've spent the past few days mostly just exploring my neighborhood (and the city center, but that's for another post). I know, I know. Where are all the pictures of the windmills and red light districts and space cakes? Well, those pictures are coming later, once I find my adventurous spirit or some friends. 

For now, here are the boring ones.

My room. It may not look like much now, but imagine me in it. Pretty awesome, right? On the right is my bed, a sink and mirror (and towel/drying rack) and to the left is a desk. And behind me is a little closet with super-retro wallpaper.

This is the view outside my window. What I really wanted to show you were the windows directly across from me where I get to watch a bald dude who is constantly listening to a Discman right by the window. But bald dude happened to be sitting there with his giant headphones when I took these photos and I was afraid he'd go all Rear Window on me.

I'm on the third floor, so we have a balcony instead, but aren't these little gardens cute? And the clothes hanging on the line? Wait. Am I going to have to do that?

Elsstraat. My street.

I knew coming into this that there would be a lot of bikes here. But boy, are there a lot of bikes here. A lot of them have little seats to bring along little people. And then there are some really sweet baskets, like this one. Perfect for groceries, and your little dog, too.

This is several blocks away from my apartment. Doesn't it look so Dutch, though?

This is on the longest street in Den Haag (or so says a kind stranger who helped me when I got lost on this street, I guess to say it was a good thing I asked for help rather than continuing to walk). The grayish bricks are the sidewalk and the red bricks to the right are the bike lane. 

Several miles (or 1.6-times-several kilometers) down that road is where I'll be interning.

This is just a garage door, but I thought it was so pretty for being just a garage door. That sign says, "Uitrit vrijlaten, ook in het weekend," which roughly means, "Listen, buddy. I have to get my car out of here, even on the weekends, so don't you dare park here or I'll have you towed (in the unlikely event that I can't move your tiny car with my bare hands)."

Lastly, I went to the grocery store yesterday, and I'm still not entirely sure what I bought. Except for these: "Cool American" Doritos. I felt the title applied to me, as well.


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  2. Nice pictures. It all looks so European. Except for that last one.