Sunday, February 20, 2011


There were a couple days while my parents were here that I didn't bring my big clumsy SLR camera because we were staying around Den Haag (and my mom was taking plenty of pictures for both of us). So here are just a couple I took with my phone on those days. My poor little iPhone was excited to just see some action now that it's been on airplane mode for 6 weeks.

This is in the Ridderzaal, or Knight's Hall, at the Binnenhof. We took a short tour, which the guide and other Dutch guests were nice enough to do in English. On Prinsjesdag (Prince's Day) each year, the queen comes and sits in that throne and says what the government policy will be like for the next parliamentary session. 

And apparently the Dutch are a little cheap, because when the next monarch (it'll be a king next) takes power, he won't even get a new throne. They'll just use the same one and change the B on it (for Beatrix) to W for Willem-Alexander (which will actually be a recycled W from a previous Willem). What a tough life.

On Monday, we went to Delft because it's too charming (and close) to miss. And my mom bought a genuine Royal Delft plate, double wrapped in bubble wrap for the plane ride home.

Ok, I think I am officially done with my parents' visit. Now back on to boring everyday Dutch life.

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