Friday, February 4, 2011

Italian lesson #3

Today was one of the Italian's (Giuliana's) birthday, so last night I went to Sarah's flat and together we made an Oreo cheesecake. She needed me because it was an American recipe, and she has no idea what cups or ounces are. So I pretended I could tell without a measuring cup.

So in honor of Giuliana, here's another Italian gesture. Who am I kidding? Here's another Italian gesture because I like taking pictures of myself.

This one means "nothing" or "none." It's a handgun twisted back and forth a couple times.

"Bethany, what are you doing this weekend?"
(Not entirely true. The Italians are supposed to cook us pizza tomorrow)

"How much of that giant cheesecake is left now?"

"How many more pictures of yourself are you going to make us look at?"

Lots. You were hoping for the gesture one more time, huh?

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