Monday, February 21, 2011

Springfield clothing

(This has nothing to do with The Simpsons. Sorry to disappoint.)

I haven't done much shopping since I've been here, besides the obligatory supermarket runs twice a week (I say supermarket because "grocery store" is a completely foreign term to the Europeans I know). So on Saturday,  I wandered through the center hoping to maybe find a bag, some boots and something cool to put in my apartment when I get home and become an adult. Two out of three's not bad.

I did go into some smaller stores, which I usually avoid because overeager cloggies working on commission intimidate me, but I ended up at a department store for my new boots and bag.  It was some combination of initials. There are a lot of those here, besides the obvious(ly awesome) H&M. P&C maybe? V&D? Doesn't matter.

The bag is from this cute brand called Springfield. It's called Cheeks, presumably because that's what it hits when you walk.

I might have to go back to get this sweater and this dress (a girl can dream of warm Texas weather, right?).


  1. I see no boots or cool thing for apartment. What was number 2 out of 3?

  2. Maybe I should be vague in all my posts so I get more comments. Boots. On sale. But I was afraid any picture I took would make them look like cowboy boots (which they are definitely not) and I'd lose some of my European street cred.